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University of Pavia – Civil Engineering Dept (2000)

A technical conference with focus on underground works along the Apennine route between Bologna and Florence was as ‘a Gallehault indeed’ and fascinated my attention and interest for Tunnelling world.
The appeal for TBM applications has been captivating me year by year and led to enhance cases and contents of precast segments accessories.
Actually I work as Export Manager dealing with precast segments accessories (gaskets and connecting systems) and Tunnelling equipment for international projects.

Date of foundation:     2010

Background:                 ten-years working experience in Tunnelling & Mining field as Product Manager

Headquarter:                Pavia (approx 30 km south Milano)

Activity:                         Tunnelling

Agency & Coordination Agreements:

DATWYLER Sealing Technologies Deutschland GmbH(D):
Tunnel Segments Gaskets

TBM precast segments accessories

Fibres for structural concrete reinforcement

TBM Cutting tools

Modular Service Vehicles
Lifting & Handling equipment

PREFER 80 Srl (I):
Robotic welding for steel cages

Ventilation products

Key Factors:                Engineering & ‘smart’ technical solutions
                                      High Quality & Reliability
                                      Training & Service
                                      Know-How & References

Main activities:
  . Market targeting analysis
  . International marketing strategy
  . Research of local Partners (Agents and Dealers)
  . Contacts with Engineering Companies, Technical Consultants, Public and Private Clients and Contractors
  . Analysis of the projects and technical approach for its realization (performance, safety, reliability and cost-effective solutions)
  . Contacts with the main Manufacturers (Italian and foreign) of machines and equipment for Tunnelling & Construction
  . Cooperation with my Representative Manufacturers (Italian and European) in the presentation, introduction, development and sales of their products to our
    Customers and coordination of post-sale activity

  . Preparation of offers for machines and equipments and spare parts
  . Meeting, discussion ad negotiation of the offers with the main Customers
  . Visits at the jobsites
  . Preparation of advertising and worldwide exhibitions

Main references:

    Metro Algeri
    Rio Subterraneo a Lomas (Buenos Aires)
    Brenner Basis Tunnel lotto Mules
    M4 Metro Milano
    Sarmiento Railway project (Buenos Aires)

    Projecto colector Riachuelo        (Buenos Aires)

    Galleria Santa Lucia                      (Barberino di Mugello)
    Nodo Ferroviario di Firenze         (Florence)
    Galleria Montedomini                   (Ancona)
    Follo Line project                           (Oslo)
    Oued Ouchayah Tunnel                (Algeri)
    Metro Athens line 3                      (Athens)
    Metro Bucharest line 5                (Bucharest)
    Legacy Transcity Way                  (Brisbane)
    Metro Warsaw line II                    (Warsaw)