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Milano, 8 Maggio 2018: Stefano Lupi, specialista in ingegneria & management del settore Underground e laureato in Chimica Industriale, diventa socio di AB TUNNELLING Srl.
Stefano contribuirà a potenziare la ricerca & lo sviluppo di soluzioni innovative per il settore dello scavo meccanizzato e per la prefabbricazione ed incrementare la promozione e la vendita di attrezzature e macchinari.

EASY CLICK SYSTEMS : our snap-fit connectors for your precast segments!

Our patented system is made up of a steel pin with composite material coating (nylon, glass fiber filled) and two embedded lock-up assemblies.

The design of the teeth of the pin allows an easy insertion into the lock-up sockets (the insertion is made by hands and not by hammer): our system works as snap-fit mechanism (‘easy click’) and not as internal friction and therefore our lock-up dowel sockets operate keeping the tightening of the connector.

EASY CLICK SYSTEM guarantees high mechanical loads and mainly the minimization of gap and offset along the segments joints with increased resulting gasket watertightness.

Currently the high performance EASY CLICK MAGNUM system has been working as connecting system among the lining rings for Galleria Santa Lucia (Italy) _ external dia 15.40 m and thickness 0.55 m _ guaranteeing 300 kN pull out and 380 kN shear as min values.

Easy Click Santa Lucia 512px    Easy Click Santa Lucia 512px (2)



PLASTIC COATING BOLTS : your reliable protection from aggressive environment!

Our patented system is composed by steel bolts with plastic coating.

The plastic coating protects the steel core from abrasion, corrosion, stray current, chemical attack and aggressive gassy atmosphere (i.e. sewage tunnels).

Several test have been carried out to demonstrate the long life of our Plastic Coating Bolts.

Plastic Coating Bolt 512px    Plastic Coating Bolts 512px (2)


ANCHORED GASKETS : waterproofing performance by remarkable higher adhesion between gasket and concrete!

These kind of gaskets are directly ‘anchored’ into the concrete of the segments during the precasting process.

Anchored gaskets are the best solution in terms of waterproofing performance, safety and cost savings.

DATWYLER SEALING TECHNOLOGIES is proud of long time in the study, design, manufacture and experience at site for this kind of gaskets: currently more than 25 projects are using our anchored gaskets successfully worldwide!

For more info and technical support, please feel free to contact us.

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