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LA MATASSINA Srl has been operating for more than 35 years in the manufacture of fibres for concrete structural reinforcement.

LA MATASSINA Srl is able to produce both steel fibres and polymeric fibres as ‘La Gramigna’ brand.

  • steel fibre by the cold wiredrawing of low carbon steel wire (tensile strength around 1100-1200MPa)

The most important structural applications of reinforced concrete by 'La Gramigna' fibres are currently industrial flooring, prefabrication field and sprayed concrete.

  • steel fibre with zync-coating by the cold wiredrawing of low carbon steel wire (tensile strength around 1500 MPa)

The most important structural applications of reinforced concrete by this kind of fibres are currently industrial flooring, precast elements located in marine coastal environment.

  • steel fibre by the cold wiredrawing of high resistance and high carbon steel wire (tensile strength between 2500 MPa and 3000 MPa) / these fibres are called as 'GOLD STEEL FIBRES’.

For the manufacture of all the types of steel fibres the wire is slightly laminated during the cutting phase and the ends are hook-shaped in order to enhance the gripping into the concrete matrix.

GOLD STEEL FIBRES have been manufactured in according to UNI EN 14889-1 norm.

Main applications for GOLD STEEL FIBRES:

- industrial floors and precast structures in South America

- precast structures in Qatar

- sprayed-concrete in north Italy and Canada

- precast segments in Panama and Riyadh

Principal successful results are as follows:

  • GOLD steel fibres are certified and already tested successfully
  • test are been carried out at University and Independent Technical Certified Laboratories
  • GOLD fibres represent a valid and performance solution in case of reinforcement for the precast segments structural concrete
  • the fibres are necessary to cope with the stresses that submit the precast segments during the different work cycle at jobsite (i.e. demoulding - storage - transport - erection - TBM thrust cylinders)
  • LA MATASSINA is able to supply as well the dosing units for steel and polymeric fibres (model SC99/3 or DOSAPOL PFT)
  • GOLD steel fibres are performance fibres, i.e. the fibre-reinforced concrete reaches high resistance values with lower fibre-dosage than the 'normal' steel fibres.....this means cost-effective solution for Contractors.
  • polymeric fibres

LA MATASSINA Co. produces both extruded polyester fibres (to be named as 'Graminflex PE30 and PE40') and high tenacity polypropylene with additives fibres (to be named as 'Graminflex PPE30 and PPE40).

Graminflex PE30 and PE40 are innovative fibres made of extruded polyester with stretched and oriented fibres.

Its whole surface is corrugated on both sides. It has a double-hook (double-omega) form by the ends, a feature that makes Graminflex PE30 and PE40 as unique and exclusive products on the market.

The use of polymeric fibres presents important advantages:

  • reduction of the wear of machinery and its components used for sprayed or pumped concrete
  • excellent tensile strength (upto 800 MPa)
  • resistance to the corrosion
  • easy handling for the operators, no accidents such as penetrated fingers, cuts and scratches and therefore safety
  • safety for vehicles (no risk of perforated tyres/wheels)

This type of fibres is specially suitable and reliable in tough environmental situations, such as ports and docks in front of the sea, in presence of salt, chlorides and acid waters.

The design of the polymeric fibres (shape + surface + double hook) together with its mechanical features (high tensile strength, high elastic modulus and max elongation reduced to 8%) guarantee performance previously only achieved by the steel fibres.

  • micro-fibre

LA MATASSINA produces 100% pure polypropylene microfibre for concrete reinforcement (to be named as 'MicroGraminflex').

MicroGraminflex is a microfibre for secondary concrete reinforcement and cement mix shrinkage control (even to improve the resistance of the structure to fire impact; actually LA MATASSINA is supplying this kind of microfibres for the precast segments for the new Metro Line in Warsaw).

These microfibres guarantee:

- improvement of mechanical, tensile and flexural strength of the concrete

- better quality of the mix by preventing segregation of aggregates

- elimination of approx 80% of the micro-cracks caused by shrinkage and crack behaviour

- improvement of resistance against corrosion from frost-thaw cycles

All the fibres produced by LA MATASSINA are Certified CE based on Norms UNI EN 14889:1-2 and have been tested by Independent and Public Qualified Laboratories.

LA MATASSINA's solutions & products range and the daily cooperation with Designers and Clients have been year-by-year rewarding by important references from main Contractors (in particular for sprayed concrete applications) and Public Clients, in Italy and worldwide, for sprayed-concrete application and also for structural concrete reinforcement directly into the mix design of the precast segments.

LA MATASSINA is able to supply as well the dosing units for steel and polymeric fibres:

-              Machine model SC99/3

-              DOSAPOL PFT