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PREFER80 logo512pxPRE FER 80 Srl is an Italian company involved since 1980 in precasting concrete elements with the application of robotics for the production of reinforcing steel cages.

*Headquarters and production plant : Belluno
*Staff : 11 employees + 3 associate engineers
*Plant area : 5000 m2(of which 1100 m2as indoor)
*Machinery : 8 production plants of which 2 with Kawasaki robots
*Production : steel cages for civil and industrial precasting
*Services : design of precast concrete elements
*Clients : on Partnership contracts basis (Confidentialy and Technology Transfer agreements)
*R&D : PREFER 80 has invested more than 1 mln € in the last 5 years
*Patent : PREFER 80 has own patented products with Italian license...

The patent covers the streamlining of the quantity of steel for the production of the reinforcement with resulting cost reduction.

The design of box culverts is in according to European Norm EN 14844:2012


 PRE FER 80 Srl owns a Processing plant for the production of reinforcing steel: since 2009 PREFER 80 has FPC Certificate issued by ICMQ.

The production of reinforcing steel addresses Construction companies for the realization of civil infrastructures, civil & industrial precasting, ports and airports and utilities structures.
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