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DAT Logo 512pxDATWYLER is a global leading provider of custom-designed solutions for sealing, rubber technology, insulation and vibration-control problems in high quality applications.
Since 1915 DATWYLER has been focused its own activity into the research and development of seals and gaskets for building and civil engineering and even for the automotive industry, into the study and the manufacture of electrical components and into applications for the pharmaceutical market.
DATWYLER has also a Division dedicated to high-quality gaskets for long-term service in tunnels :
DATWYLER Sealing Technologies.
Seals by DATWYLER Sealing Technologies are successfully in service in over 650 tunnels on five continents.
These sealing systems are developed in-House, individually engineered to meet the requirements of the specific tunnel...
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segment gaskets 512pxDATWYLER proposes a wide range of solutions, i.e. mono EPDM gaskets (glued into the proper groove in the precast segments or ‘anchored’ just during precasting process), combination of mono EPDM with hydrophilic seals upto co-extruded profiles or combined solutions.
A strong basis for this engineering stays in DATWYLER’s worldwide patented solutions for gasket cross sections, corner designs and elastomer compounds.

geometrie standard1 512pxUp today DATWYLER has developed more than 50 different profiles to suit design requirements for utility tunnels, metro lines, water ducts, railway- and roadway-tunnels and hydraulic infrastructures.
In addition to the standard geometries, DATWYLER is available to study and manufacture profiles upon request and customized solutions.



geometrie standard2 512pxDATWYLER gaskets guarantee excellent waterproofing performances and reliability for a long-life service.
The design and the continuous study of elastomer seals are supported by in-House test with state-of-the-art technology and machineries, but rely even upon test carried out by Independent Technical Certified Laboratories well-known worldwide (i.e. University, MPA and STUVA).

Advantages of anchored gaskets:

  • higher waterproofing performance and remarkable higher adhesion between gasket and concrete (thanks to the direct anchoring of the gasket into the concrete)
  • better working conditions for the Operators because these seals do not require adhesive (and therefore solvent) => health + safety + environmental friendly
  • lower time for gaskets installation (if compared with the traditional gasket glued into the groove of the precast segments => labour cost saving
  • saving cost for adhesive+application equipment+pressing frames

Advantages of combined gaskets:

  • the hydrophilic strip provides a ‘self-healing performance' in case of an inaccurate ring build (i.e. in case of extremely large gaps and offsets between the segments the hydrophilic strip will be activated after having contact with water)
  • saving costs for adhesive (if compared with the use of two separate gaskets, one in mono EPDM and the other additional in hydrophilic material)