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bartz logo 512pxBARTZ Co. began to work on the mining industry, both for underground and opencast mines, since 1980, focusing the core business mainly in the most important mines in Spain.
After these beginnings, BARTZ Co. gradually grew expanding the activities and specialties covering also the tunnels area. Until the last decade, BARTZ Co. started to participate in the most ambitious Civil Works and Rail Industry projects of the country with important clients as Renfe and Feve, and increased the development of major transport infrastructure such as the expansions of Metro de Madrid and Barcelona, the AVE –Spanish High Speed Trains- Madrid-Valladolid tunnels, and the underground burial of the Madrid M-30 High Road...


locomotore 512pxTo cover all the transportation needs down in the mine, BARTZ Co. provides a versatile range of electric locomotives to specifically match the load requirements, with models B-3.5, B-5 and B-8 with 3.5, 5 and 8 tons of adherent weights, and line radius from 7 to 8 meters of curvature, according to the model.
Its 9, 14 or 25 kW power will provide a maximum load drag, carrying horizontally up to 70 tons, which, coupled with a robust design and efficient technology and ergonomic joysticks, finishes to facilitate their handling inside mines and tunnels.




cutting tools 512pxAbout TBM cutting tools, BARTZ Co. produces disc cutters, rippers and scrapers.
Because every soil is different, each TBM requires different solutions, and each tool has its own function, as only one custom-made solution can provide optimal results.
In this way, BARTZ Co. studies each factor of the work in advance, analyzing the hardness and abrasiveness of rocks to excavate, the function of each tool involved, and is able to improve the performances and the life of the tools saving costs and time for changes and repairs.
BARTZ Co. makes a wide variety of cutters differentiated in terms of geometry and cutting rings adjustment for different types of terrain : the production embraces single, double, front or gauge cutters in sizes from 12” to 19”.
BARTZ Co. manufactures as well screw augers and optimizes the resistance of the augers increasing wear protection with inclusion of ultra resistant plates made in cast-iron, reaching up to 52 HRC hardness.