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impreservice logo bianco 512pxIMPRESERVICE Srl has been working since 2000 in transport infrastructures world (roadway, highway and railway).
IMPRESERVICE’s activity embraces two main areas:

  • R&D, manufacture and laying of joints on bridges and viaducts
  • Tunnelling : study and manufacture of accessories for precast segments

The Company brings to maturity a particular experience in tunnel lining field: research, development and manufacture of new connection & alignment systems for prefabricated concrete segments represent the main focus of the Company...
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IMPRE 3 512pxPlastic Coating Bolts and EASY CLICK Systems represent two proud patented products for IMPRESERVICE Srl.
The necessity and the request for high mechanical performances in addition to a guaranteed resistance to wear and abrasion for all the life of the precast segments lining even in presence of difficult environmental conditions (water table and corrosive agents) are the main reasons that have led to the study, development and production of these particular connecting systems.

Plastic Coating Bolts are steel bolts with full-coat in plastic material with addition of glass fibres in order to increase the mechanical resistance, the resilience and the resistance to fire.

Steel grade and plastic compound are based upon design&performance requirements.

IMPRE 2 512pxEASY CLICK SYSTEMS take place as evolution of IMPRESERVICE’s profitable experience into the study and manufacture of Plastic Coating Bolts.

EASY CLICK SYSTEM is made up of a steel pin with composite material coating (nylon, glass fiber filled) and two lock-up assemblies.

The lock-assemblies are cast into the prefabricated concrete segments.
Each assembly consists of an internal lock-up socket : its design and material (nylon, glass fiber filled) guarantee easy insertion with a reliable and resistant tightening of the pin.
In the center part of the pin has been inserted a removable (or integrated) centering dowel.