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Logo G&G 512 pxG&G PARTNERS Srl is a modern Company located in the North-Italy, established and run by qualified Managers in ventilation field.
G&G PARTNERS Srl produces ventilation ducts for mining, tunnelling and underground works.
The Company can rely upon special machines that guarantee us as follows:

- great flexibility
- high reliability of production
- reduced manpower
- easy changes of production parameters (i.e. diameter / length / material)
Ventilation ducts are manufactured with high toughness polyester, PVC coated and are in according to the European Standards (manufactured according to ISO 9001, fire resistant according to DIN 75200).

easy joint 512px  ventilation duct 512px
The range of production covers both normal ducts and antistatic & fire extinguish ducts in standard lengths and special size upon request.
G&G PARTNERS Srl has an own patented 'Easy Joint System' characterized by:

sistema brevettato 512 px- very low pressure drop and losses at the joint
- easy mounting
- no metallic components
- re-usable
- resistant to dust and difficult environmental conditions   

Standard line:        GeG 600 g/m² - GeG 650 g/m² - GeG 850 g/m²
Antistatic line:        GeG 650AA g/m² -  GeG 850AA g/m².
Standard diameter:    from 600 mm up to 3.200 mm
Standard length:     25 m – 50 m – 100 m


Upon request and based on technical requirements for any project, G&G PARTNERS Srl manufactures curves of any radius, ‘Y’ and ‘T’ connection pieces of any angle.


- references all around the world (Italy, Switzerland, Greece, UAE, Ethiopia, South America, Asia)
- standard range of production from 600 mm up to 3200 mm flexible duct diameters
- big capacity and productivity i.e around 500 m/h ventilation ducts production
- very short delivery time
- competitive prices